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Delicate Ecstasy of Love


I dive into your body
And sweetness
Is all around

You touch my soul
As I feel your aroma
Everywhere you go…

Our intense chemistry
Fills the room with desire
And passion

I hold
your heart in my hands
And with you by my side,
Life gets easy to stand and to

You float gently in my body
And I can see love revealing
So many secrets
Again and again
As we lie in bed
Watching the beauty of the rain

Like a magnet your body is drawn to mine.

You moan with utter delight.
With the rhythmical motions of love,
We conclude a heavenly night.

Being Eccentric


I could smile at any instance
Joy spreading like butter
smoothly and easily from one side to another
as I remember the light rays of happiness who’s shadows once graced my face

I could cry at any moment
tears pouring deep and wide
from the everlasting well of heart and soul
buried in the dark depths of my uneasy chest

I could dance in the silver sprays of moonlit grace
ignoring all but the life within myself
listening to the music of the rhythmic unknown
unsure of what song to play next
I could hide—
from fate, from love, from lust, from fear
Refusing to be powerless
Refusing to be broken
in a world made whole by imperfections

I could run
my body to the ground
the world to oblivion
Fueled by Passion
or none at all by just being eccentricblog_5-15-12two-faced

Poets Guilt


The Starting End

images (8)
Of letting
My thoughts
Occupy my heart
Without giving them
The attention
That they

Of chasing
Them away without ever
Even asking why they were here
So I could take pen to paper
With hand and

Of missing
The feelings that
They had tried to share
While they squatted
With patience

Of denying
Hungry thoughts
A safe place within
My head to

Of not allowing
My mind to listen when
My heart just needed to speak
This is just the life
Of a Poets


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The Appetence


Sweet sensual gestures
Stroke over my skin
Beneath your finger tips
Love I could feel within

Fingers fondled playfully
With a tender touch
Responding with smiles
Eyes saying so much

Within the soft touch of your hands
Nothing went amiss
Tongues tasted desires
Aroused within a kiss

Body language revealed
Where fingers trace
Feeling you feeling me
Passion we embrace

And I want to be there
Where life has meaning,
Where I wear my best smile
And every little thing is

It is a pleasure
To dive in your ocean
And swim in your eyes

While you wrap yourself
Around me like night


Paradoxical Kiss of Love


Kissing you,
Is like :
Riding a roller coaster,
Skydiving at 13,000 feet altitude,
Grabbing a hot plate,
Diving into freezing water,

And driving a super-fast bike.

Kissing you,
Having my mouth against yours,
Is some perplexing feeling of
Ecstasy and pain.

The exhilaration of having you
And the agony of knowing it can’t be infinite.

A paradox called Love

paradox-of-love-ace-layton (1)
It  seems  pre-destined
That  my canoe should
 never  make it across
Your  river of  love
Getting always sucked in 
At the  vortex in its middle
Only to resurrect itself
As a triumphant memory
Or as a  likable defeat
Left floating all over you 
As clouds bearing the rains
That  sustain your flow
That should pour over you
But never to win over you
But ever wins you over.

Tarnished Law


As the spirit and the flesh,

juxtaposed and jostling,

against each other,

the essence and the letter of the law,

so tussle.

Alas, when in application,

the letter of the law,

disregards the spirit of the law; lawfully,

the law becomes libelous, operatively,

the law becomes oppressive, willfully,

those who wield the might of the law,

become agents of oppression.

Unintentionally, the intent of the law is interred,


essentially, the essence of the law is tarnished.