Tell me, is this true for you?

We love those who don’t love us

And we don’t love those who do

We long for the unfaithful

And neglect those who are true

We give to those who have no need

And withhold from those who do

We run after those who run away

And run away from ones who pursue

We flirt with those who are aloof

And are aloof with those who flirt

We treat like gold the worthless

And the worthy we treat like dirt

We die for those who’re indifferent

And are indifferent to those who die

Tis the state of our foolish hearts

Will someone please to tell me why?

She says I am her heart and soul

You’re indifferent to my needs

She vows she’d die without my love

Yet it’s for you my heart bleeds

She claims I’m her oxygen

Carbon dioxide I am to you

Her eyes want to eat me up

YOU’RE my honey through and through


My foolish heart has lost its wits

The world has gone crazy too

I love her who loves me not

Tell me, is this true for you?

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  1. TheDarkestRaven says:

    So true! Brilliant poem and I love it!


    1. Thank you! I am grateful!

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      1. TheDarkestRaven says:


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  2. dearmiracle says:

    I really like this poem. Aren’t we humans funny? We want what we don’t have and too often don’t want what we have. I think its it’s the thrill of the chase. Anything that comes too easy, is too easily discarded.

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    1. Absolutely! That’s exactly how I feel. But that’s how we are. A bit eccentric.


  3. Clar Santos says:

    Love it! You’re very creative and good with words😄

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    1. Oh thanks a lot! Some of my poems are just another another reflection of me.

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  4. Sripurna says:

    Thanks for following me! I glanced through most of your poems but this one touched me the most… Very true for for a lot of people… And you’re Bengali, right?? So, chaaliye jao, tomar lekha khub bhalo laglo. 🙂

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    1. Haha, if I can say this in bangla – dhonyobad, aapnar proshongsha o aamar khub bhal laglo. Thanks a lot.


  5. Wonderful poem Abhinav! Yes, it’s true for all, you already knew…:-)

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    1. Such a sugarcoated beautiful comment. Thank you!


  6. The heart wants what it wants! We are confused beings.

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    1. I do agree but its not the human beings who are confusing, love is.

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  7. Sanika Halde says:

    Its simply awsm these words of u touched my soul I agree 2 these emotions Still have Tears in my eyes
    Afterall I feel a poem is an spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings….

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  8. Pragati says:

    Yes thats true somewhere !

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    1. Its always a pleasure when other bloggers or readers can connect to your poem. I am really glad.

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      1. Pragati says:

        It is purely My pleasure ! 🙂 Thankyou Soo much Abhinav M !

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  9. Nimmi says:

    Your words are magical, Abhinav… Loved it!!

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    1. Your words are just too kind Nimmi. That’s all :p

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      1. Nimmi says:

        Aw!! Thank you 😉

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  10. I can relate to this poem so well! This is a thought provoking one. I mean, if everyone holds one person in their heart above all others, and if that one person doesn’t return their feelings and vies for another, who in turn runs after a fourth person, and so on…. I daresay, the whole world is running after someone or the other.
    And maybe that pretty much sums up how the world works. That’s deep.
    Anyway your choice of words in this poem is amazing!


    1. The care for one is care of all & neglect for one is neglect for all. It is human nature to think wisely & act foolishly. Thank you for associating yourself & believing in the concept of the poem.

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  11. KPKeelan says:

    Hi friend! I noticed you subscribed to my literary blog KPKworld, so I dropped by to visit your site. You are in love with love, aren’t you? I really like this poem (though I have a few very minor suggestions to keep the meter consistent) and I happen to have one single spot left in this year’s GUESTBOOK channel, where I publish the work of other artists. I would be very happy to send this out to my nearly 1000 subscribers, fully attributed of course, with your permission… Have I your permission to repost in KPKworld?

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    1. Absolutely, you have my thorough permission. And it would be a pleasure actually.


      1. KPKeelan says:

        Great! Now the roster is full. It’s scheduled for Nov. 24th of this year.

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