When I have nothing to write

What shall be the words of this page,
for nothing at this time comes to light.
I see the world as a stage,
 yet of nothing do I care to write.

This indeed is a rare time for me
for my pen has always come through,
 word after word and line upon line,
each poem,different and new.

Birds in flight and children at play
yet none of this holds my attention.
All to me is empty notice
and hardly even worth the mention.

 paradox-of-our-times-300x294 paradox as a poem comes forth
when indeed I had nothing to write.
In this, a small sense of accomplishing
that has rescued me from this day's plight.

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  1. dfolstad58 says:

    Poetry is so difficult to create. Well done, well done. Thanks for visiting my site. I read some of your posts and it reminded me of Dan Hill. He is a singer, and song writer, very successful. I love his song ” O Canada although he has done many since that song on his first album. Keep creating, maybe you are a song writer at heart too!

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    1. I compose songs too. Along with poetry, good music too fascinates me. And I do believe both poems & songs have a deep connection in terms of the feelings & emotions. Thank you for such wonderful words.


  2. Thanks Abhinav for stopping by my blog and being a part of it 🙂 I’m not a poetry\poem person (I wouldn’t even know the difference between the two!! Maybe you can explain ;)) but this one is really nice – easy to understand for a layman like me. Hindi mein bole to jhakkas 😉 never lose your pen (or keyboard even!)


    1. Haha thanks! In hindi, dhanyabad. The reason being even if you aren’t much into poetry, you’re still taking your time out to read my poems.

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