I Know True Love’s Worth


That very first day we met,

Its a feeling I’ll never forget.

All the experiences that we shared,

I knew right away that you were rare.


My love for you is like an undying flame,

I now have only destiny to blame.

You hurt me that night, you know, you did.

And I need you to know that I can forgive.


Do you remember the day, the day we played in the snow,

Its the day, I wished for our love to grow.

But I am really struggling with trying to forget,

Because I still feel the same as the day we first met.


What does forever mean to you,

When you even couldn’t keep it true.

You said, you would forever be there,

But were those words, just pulled from thin air.


Did you actually love me,

Did you actually felt what I did,

The truth, the love, the loyal tears,

The betrayal, the hate and the fear.

But now my heart has healed.

All cuts have been sealed.

I have friends that are real.

And have provided me the much needed zeal.


And you’re gone out of my life.

Unable to pierce me anymore with the heartbreaking knife.

I once thought forever was not just a word.

Thank you for proving me wrong,

But what you don’t know is

I know true love’s worth.



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    • Whatever a poem is about, it should serve a purpose & as well provide a definite conclusion explaining the motive concerned. Most of us fall in love but there are varied aspects associated with it like what you mentioned. Thank you for understanding & explaining about the truest sense of the poem. It is highly acknowledged by me.

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  1. Abhinav,
    You have beautifully described your emotions in a very simple manner. Yet your simplicity has portrayed the best of your love, your loyalty, your heartbreak and your strength. Very well written.

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    • I am so very glad to know that. It always feels great when people are eager to check your upcoming posts too.
      As far as novel writing is concerned, I actually prefer them published through print media & not on my blog. However, I do plan to publish a few short stories here.


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