A Reminder by Rain

It was raining last night,
calm, gentle rain,
that tapped against my window pane,
& called me back from unsettled sleep,
to soothe a heart too numb to weep.

I pushed my window open wide,
to let the soothing rain rush inside.
It caressed my cheeks, lips, eyes & hair,
And for a moment I thought,
My beloved, you were there.

I was, in fact, thinking of you today,
And these days, I actually do that a lot it seems.
You’re always in my heart by day,
At night you drift into my dreams.

I want to feel you in my arms,
Even though you’re so miles away.
I hope you still remember me deep in your heart,
Even if we speed on different paths today.

I want to be the music that you listen to,
I’ll be there in every song.
I’ll laugh with you and sing with you,
and comfort you when your days go wrong.

I’ll be the moon as it dances
On the water cold and still,
For I have loved you always,
And…I know I always will.


Though you may not see me in physical form,
As you opted to live your life today,
Just close your eyes and think of me,
I…will not be too far away.

Copyright © 2015 AbhinavMajumder. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Oluwolefash says:

    I so love this buh let her see you in physical form oh

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  2. Abhinav
    Thank you for following my blog and i’m happy to have found you.

    Best wishes



    1. Thank you John. The pleasure is just the same here.


  3. deandg says:

    Very cool poem man, looking forward to more.

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  4. kyriakh123 says:

    This is such a beautiful, passionate piece of writing that is so soothing too the senses. As I was reading this poem, I could feel all the stresses in my life just melt away, and I thank you for that. You have a lovely use of language, and use such captivating images.

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    1. Thank you very much! All I can say is poems can reflect a variety of emotions & few of them can really get to your nerves in a positive way.


  5. this made me smile

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    1. I am glad it could put a curve on your lips.


  6. Gibson Perez says:

    🙂 (Y)

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  7. Reblogged this on Gipsiecrone, the gipsiewonderer and commented:

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  8. Beautiful! I love the rain…and we need a whole more of it here in California.

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    1. Thank you & I hope there be more rain as well as love in California.

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  9. Astounding! Glad we have connected.
    Author J.L. Pitts (Julie) C.P.C.

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    1. Great to connect with intellectual people like you too. Thanks!

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  10. Abhinav, sensual writing and i enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for the follow.


    1. Firstly, don’t have to say thanks for the follow & secondly, I am very glad that you liked my poetry.

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      1. Blame it on poetic instinct. I see it and feel it through your words. that’s a rare gift.

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  11. msarora says:

    Hi Abhinav,thanks for a follow and giving me a chance to visit your site. Nice layout..!!! Wonderful poetry…!!
    Nice to meet you😊😊

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    1. Thank you too for the wonderful feedback!


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