A War is Never Over



A war is never over,

It can never be,

The valor of the fearless,

Will stay alive till the last drop of sea.


A war is never over,

Though treaties be signed,

The memories of the battles,

Are never out of our minds.


A war is never over,

So when you welcome the heroes home,

Remember, In their minds they hold,

Memories known to them alone.


A war is never over,

For those, who have lost someone forever,

The loss of a son, a husband, a father,

No good memories can replace ever.


Copyright Β© 2015 AbhinavMajumder. All Rights Reserved.





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    • This one is one of the best compliments I can ever get according to me. Thank you very much! I try to be versatile yet don’t believe in tampering much with the free flow of thoughts. Emotions are best expressed in the simplest form, I believe.

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  1. I enjoy your writing very much. My only “negative” comment is in regards to the eternal hatred the Japanese and the Germans do not seem to feel towards the USA. I look forward to reading much more of your poetry.

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  2. Beautiful. Simple. Well expressed message. Love it. Keep writing from your gut, even unedited writing will provide your readers with some raw material, and I’m sure they’d love it.

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