An unrealistic dream



Love in my life is like sand,

A strong gust of wind sifts it through my hand.

With you all my dreams seemed like coming true,

You’ve robbed me of those, what can I now do?

The hopes that we shared, the dreams that we saw,

Then you turned around leaving a scar that went raw.

The truth you tell me hurts more than your lie,

Once I learned it, I started to cry.

I still think of you lying in that bed,

And wonder if there is anything I could have said.

I wish you were still here,

But I know you’re still near.

You weren’t just my lover but my best-friend as well,

I gave you my all when in love I fell.

Into a million pieces I have been shattered,

Neither you cared, nor did it mattered.

Look at all the pain I’ve won,

I bet you think its all been fun.

You were my first kiss, my first love,

And now you don’t even care.

How could you just blow it away?

When you called us the perfect pair!

You said the words I love you,

But its obvious, things have changed.

I said the words I love you,

And my feelings are still the same.

You said I’ll love you forever,

But forever was not long enough.

I said I’ll love you always,

And I’ll mean it throughout nights & days.

I cannot imply to you what forever means,

Because your version of forever isn’t what it seems.

And my version of always,

seems like an unrealistic dream.


Copyright Ā©2015 AbhinavMajumder. All Rights Reserved.




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  1. Love is eternal and neutral: neither favors the strong nor lets down the weak. One may praise or blame one’s stars for succeeding or failing in love. But, one’s character and conduct is always responsible for the outcome of one’s pursuit of love. Hence, the adage: all’s fair in war and love, needs to be revised or totally overhauled as generally it is the cowardly who seek refuge under it.

    Anyways, nice, long, rhyming verse: love the way you love to write about love, full of love, for the one’s in and out of love – lol!

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    • I always believed in the two sides of a coin theory. Indeed when a love fails, its a fault of both the parties. And yes, moving on is the best option than making your present the worst. Thank you for your sweet words of appreciation.

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  2. It’s always a pleasure finding a fellow poet who explores the concept of love with their words and whose never afraid to let it hang all out. Hope to chat soon and thank you for following my blog.

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