SHIFTS OF TIME – Guest Post by Celeste Clementine

But what do you do when
All your hope which was then a thread
Lassoes around your neck?

The only gold dies with the extinguishing flames.
When all the memories woven together
Drape the remains of whom you had to surrender?

I watch it burning brilliant
Only to witness it turn to grey.
I guess I’m the same
Gone past the point of anger
And maybe I’m just sad.

Sinking under a warm blanket
And never leaving it.
That’s what your love was like.
Affectionately lulling me to sleep.
My safe haven.

The tears in my eyes to the ink in my pen
They’ve converged to a point I can’t tell
Colourless or Black?

Why is it that some people leave for heavens
Leaving others in hell?

Why is it that of all the moments
This was the one Time chose to come to a standstill?

Abandoned threads
Sway at the end of the fabric—
Signs of the whirlpool.
At mercy of the turbulence.
Sudden exposure. No closure.

Piquant Picturesque
In the Plethora contained in
Vivid yet subtle.
The laugh that slowly
F a d e s.


But water shall become mud if it refuses to flow.

I see interferences of light and dark.
My gaze refuses to leave
A central bright band.
D rkn ss ex sts

Outshined by brilliance.

But do you know?

Th s is h w it felt

And th s is h w it still f els.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. kaajjalblog says:

    Amazing… (y)

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  2. vkapatkar says:

    this is like a cake that has been soaked deep into the heart & now holding its heart that reeks of feelings. Sigh! some killer stuff here. 🤘

    And these lines (below) were just superb!
    The tears in my eyes to the ink in my pen
    They’ve converged to a point I can’t tell
    Colourless or Black?

    Liked by 4 people

  3. So insightful and wonderful with beautiful imagery!!

    Liked by 4 people

  4. ijayadynasty says:

    I love poetry like this: the simplistic usage of imagery, the direct message and the conspicuous emotion of the persona.
    I wish to see more of the results of the ‘tears’ and the ‘ink’ maybe that is the only way we could pull the universe out of its sickly infancy.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. veeds says:

    I love both the verses and the innovative typography–it moves the idea along without looking “tricky”

    Liked by 3 people

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