Abhinav Majumder

Bio: Knows difference between your & you're; Is very shy; even to ask for extra ketchups at McDonald's; Novel Writer (Write, Re-Write, Bang my head on the wall, Edit, Re-Edit); Full time Internet junkie; Part time poet

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  1. Love your About page – particularly the writing/editing/smashing-head-on-wall process 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier – hope you enjoyed it and look forward to reading more on yours. Cheers, Nik

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  2. Lovely poetry. Thank you for stopping by the Cow Pasture and especially for joining the other fence jumpers. Don’t be shy, leave me comments and feedback; I’d like nothing more than to hear your story.

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  3. It’s true. You woke up and found yourself in Uncle Bardie Country. Now that you have followed Uncle Bardie, you may find yourself at that fork in the road that have to take. With Uncle Bardie for a guide, you can be comforted that you may stub your toe on a pun, find you can’t resist laughing at those things you never thought funny and wake up to wonder what Uncle Bardie will post next. It’s okay. That itch can be scratched by simply tuning into the next Post, It could very well be a doozy or not. Either way it will be coming from the whacky mind of Uncle Bardie. So thanks for following Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. It beats bananas any day. Unless…but that’s a whole ‘nother thang. And one last thing. Thanks for the follow and have a great day (or night, depending on your perspective).

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  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the like and for following my blog. Being newbie to the blogging world getting such support is really a heart warming experience. Thank You 🙂
    Did read few of your write ups. You are really good at poems.
    Best wishes.

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  5. Thanks for following my blog, SloWord. I generally do not read poetry, despite having attempted it myself.

    I like the fact that you know the difference between Your and You’re…. believe me, it’s a rare skill these days. 🙂

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