Freedom is but a Paradox

Can we ever be free, unless we’re alone?
Our freedom encroaches, like a cyclone,
Crushing and destroying those of next door,
Like a wooden house, their freedoms no more.

For every freedom we gain, others lose
We battle against someone else’s viewsparadox of freedom
True freedom means that all are unbound
But this would mean that no freedom is found.

Each person could do whatever they please
They could kill and hurt and take an seize
Thus true freedom is but a paradox
So I’ll stay here behind my chains and locks.

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  1. Clar Santos says:

    I really like Freedom is but a Paradox. We discussed freedom in our class before and I really like your own view on what freedom is.

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    1. Each one of us have their own perspective & viewpoint towards certain things. This is mine. Thank you for acknowledging this perspective.

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  2. zlite says:

    Interesting take on freedom. I do agree that too much freedom has its’ pitfalls.

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    1. I believe in the two side of a coin theory. Everything has its pros & cons. Thank you for understanding.

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  3. becausethisishowissaythings says:

    hey, thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and follow. I really like this poem, I’ve been struggling to write a poem about human freedom for a while now and this pretty much says what I’ve been trying to put on paper. I take from this my own ideas that ultimate freedom is kinds of an impossibility, but that’s just me!
    really like this and thanks again for following me!

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    1. Wow! I am both amazed as well as impressed by how you understood the actual meaning of the poem! Actual & true freedom is actually close to impossible. Your works will be a great success I am sure because you’re a very good observer. Good luck!


  4. Thanks for following me 🙂 I like this Freedom poem: The idea that without chains and locks we cannot understand the concept of freedom – in the same way that pleasure is only understood by experience of pain.

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    1. Thank you for such a beautiful comment explaining the zest of the poem.

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