Poets Guilt

The Starting End

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Of letting
My thoughts
Occupy my heart
Without giving them
The attention
That they

Of chasing
Them away without ever
Even asking why they were here
So I could take pen to paper
With hand and

Of missing
The feelings that
They had tried to share
While they squatted
With patience

Of denying
Hungry thoughts
A safe place within
My head to

Of not allowing
My mind to listen when
My heart just needed to speak
This is just the life
Of a Poets


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  1. TheShyDreamer8 says:



  2. I’m in love with this

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    1. I am in love with your sweet words of appreciation!

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  3. EM Biddulph says:

    What a lovely poem – thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Such beautiful poems should really be shared I believe & thank you for the appreciation although the one who shall be credited is the lovely poetess of the composition.


    1. Thank you for your kind words.

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  4. Well put. May I reblog to “Tales of Unwise Paths?”

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    1. Pleasure will be all mine. Definitely if you wish.

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  5. Lucy Furr says:

    Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your gift. 😀

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    1. Thanks for the equally beautiful words of praise.

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  6. kjaffa says:

    Haven’t all of us creatives been here.

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    1. Haha well, I guess so.


  7. sashanyafaywrites says:


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