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The worst has already passed


When you feel so lonely and can’t sleep at night,
because everything gives you a fright.
The pain and the sadness takes control,
and once again you’re all alone.

I love darkness, I am afraid of the light, the only light I love staring at, is the moonlight.

I devote myself to acting happy,
but at night when I’m all alone,
some how it all spills out,
when no-one can see, and no-one can hear.
All of the pain and all of the fear.

Each day I live, the pain consumes,
What little sanity I have bloomed.
Like walking in a cloud of fog,
Falling down, sinking into smog.

Down in a black hole trying to escape depression,
But you can’t run away from what will always be your reflection.
And as you run away reality is getting nearer,
And instead of changing you, you try to change the mirror.
But what do you do when the mirror falls down?
Breaking apart as it hits the ground.

But now I am stronger; stronger than before.
Because I have realized, fear can only be bad if you imagine it more & more.
And sorrow comes with tears just as gray clouds come with rain,
And then it will pass quicker than it came.
So just be proud you didn’t cut yourself with the mirror’s glass,
And just know that the worst already passed.

©Copyright2016.AbhinavMajumder https://subduedflamboyance.wordpress.com


What You See Is Not Me


You see me smile on the outside.

But that’s all you can see.

What if tears run down my face on the inside?

You hear me laugh on the outside.

But that’s all you can hear.

What if I’m crying out for help on the inside?

You smell the scent I wear everyday on the outside.

But that’s all you can smell.

What if it is the smell of a rotting body on the inside?

You watch me speak fluently on the outside.

But that’s all you can watch.

What if I stammer with words on the inside?

You feel my clear skin on the outside.

But that’s all you can feel.

What if I have hundreds of scars on the inside?

You taste my lips kissing you on the outside.

But that’s all you can taste.

What if my lips taste of blood on the inside?

You witness me facing everything on the outside.

But that’s all you can witness.

What if I am very tired on the inside?

You can tell I’m happy on the outside.

But that’s all you can tell.

What if l I’m dying on the inside?

Copyright ©2015 AbhinavMajumder. All Rights Reserved.


I Saw Her Scars……


She walks through the halls, I take note of it all.

She hears the names being called, She notices the lies being told.

She feels the heavy atmosphere full of rumors and hidden lives.

Someone lies about her and everyone else believes.

She sits in the corner, the last desk of the row.

Like a black and white picture fading away very slow.

The point, the stare, their laughter fills the air.

No sleeves to hide what she had done, only a painted veil.

She remembers that night, the night they all laugh about.

If only they were there, If only they all knew,

What this game could do to you.

The screams were loud, the door was locked, the bruise was bold.

The steel was cold, her skin was warm,

The room was dark, her tears were not shown.

She fell to her knees & looked to the sky,

She tried but couldn’t even cry.

She cuts too deep, but she didn’t care,

Anything to not be here.

She felt like air, She fell to the ground,

And then She couldn’t hear a sound……Ever.

Copyright ©2015 AbhinavMajumder. All Rights Reserved.


Dreams, Desires & Death

Three D’s of life are dreams, desires, and death
If you have the first, the second will come running and 
the third will be on your doorstep
Dreams stir up desire and too many desires leads to death of soul
So is it better to dream of life or have a life of dreams ?
To die of desire or to let desires die?
Seems much to me like a paradox of lifelife is a paradox hdr