Delicate Ecstasy of Love


I dive into your body
And sweetness
Is all around

You touch my soul
As I feel your aroma
Everywhere you go…

Our intense chemistry
Fills the room with desire
And passion

I hold
your heart in my hands
And with you by my side,
Life gets easy to stand and to

You float gently in my body
And I can see love revealing
So many secrets
Again and again
As we lie in bed
Watching the beauty of the rain

Like a magnet your body is drawn to mine.

You moan with utter delight.
With the rhythmical motions of love,
We conclude a heavenly night.


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  1. Lovely poem!! I really mean that. Here’s one of mine that compares…

    Kerry E. Sullivan
    St. Augustine, FL
    21 Lines

    HEAVEN 1987

    When life is new,
    All’s in tune.
    There’s a harmony of soul
    And the sun shines a gentle glow
    Upon your smiles.
    What seemed like feet,
    Is truly miles.
    Holding hands,
    A fragrant air
    All one’s fears so soon forgotten,
    And no-where to find a care.
    So love comes then
    And each one knows
    That touch upon touch,
    The feeling grows.
    A quiet afternoon
    By a lover’s side…
    Your spirits soar–
    Your bodies glide:
    Here, even Heaven
    Looks on in envy.

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  2. (just so y’all know, I’m a 52 yr old guy)

    Kerry E. Sullivan
    St. Augustine, FL
    13 lines

    TIGER 2005

    I am an animal in a pen.
    I’ve paced these walls for years…
    A tiger, salivating life
    Not knowing why I’m here.
    I crush the ample bones and meat,
    So surely thrown my way.
    But whose cell do I darken, here…
    Again, I cannot say.

    Oh, pretty spectator…
    Please don’t go away:
    Come in here―
    With me…
    I won’t bite you, my prey…


  3. Great work. Enjoy:

    Vertical readers






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  4. Thank you for following my blog 🙂

    This is so beautiful. When you are reading something like this, when it is something that is so personal to the writer and yet it resonates with each individual that reads it also, that is a sign of true quality.

    It makes me want to hold my partner and never let go, now excuse me while I go find him!

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    • You just managed to put a curve on my lips by that lovely comment. Thank you very much! There’s a beautiful side to making love too. I have tried my best to express it here & its a sheer pleasure when readers can feel the emotions of the poem themselves.

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  6. Your promise and honest expression of a beautiful feeling. Unfortunately like most common and presentations about sexuality it features the woman fueled with erotic ecstasy she is apparently rocked by the man’s thrusting. Let’s change it up a little show me his face! Then perhaps we can finally answer the question are men alive during sex!

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      • I don’t disagree and I didn’t think you would disagree I just wanted to point out that everybody who portrays sexuality and sexual enjoyment shows the woman and never the man what does that say about us?

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      • Well, that’s definitely true to an extent. What I feel is women connect to you emotionally as well & not just physically while having sex whereas many men lack the emotional connect. Quite possible it is the reason why most writings or compositions focus on female.

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      • Once again we are in total agreement. Being an extremely emotional man I have had the experience in my life that many women know how to be physically sexy but never allow themselves to feel intimacy with a man. It is men that experience women as emotionally present and yet while they are socially and with children frequently, (and with understandable historical justification) Do not give their hearts to men, only their bodies. Men have hurt them throughout history by practicing sex without emotion and justifying it by believing that women want the same thing. Men act out strength and competence but have never been taught vulnerability and emotional openness since that is considered a weakness in men. Speaking from experience I would say it takes more Courage for a Man to feel than it does to fight. You are a thoughtful and courteous conversationalist and have offered nothing but honest statements and thoughtful responses. I enjoy your poetry and hope you understand at this point that I was making a point about all of us as men and not specifically about your post, which by the way was very sensual, romantic, and erotic. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

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      • Hey Alex, firstly, the pleasure is all mine. Its always great to have a sensible conversation with an intelligent person. And this is in fact a very relevant topic. Now, after reading your personal point of view & through what I know a little of women, I feel many men do not understand the difference with making love & having sex. Both are different. Both initiate a different set of hormones. The former connects to your heart too, the latter doesn’t. The latter is mere physical satisfaction. But women want to connect to you emotionally as well. To them, there is more to sex than two bodies engaging in a physical act. Women are emotionally strong too my dear friend. And this is all I have to say!

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  7. I think Women Fail To deliver Emotions to the paper… But Men Do that perfectly. it is just a coincidence that men can not describe love scenes with fellow men… In that case, men writer, who happen to be good in it, describe Women in love escapades. Similarly, Men are free from the ‘whore Mentality’ if a man describes how he dipped his fingers into her wetness making a small sound escape her throat. That man Is an Icon, A hero, Real man… But if a Girl writes about how she spread her legs in pleasure and Urged Him to Dig Deep, deep into the gates of her belly… Such a girl is judged unfairly. What i mean is, men will always write about women in a way no woman will write about a man. You ask why? It is because, in literature, men have more freedom.

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    • I absolutely agree to your point & most of it is either related to male chauvinism or society norms & obligations. Men always had this habit of dominating the society & although the trend has reduced now but in literature & poetry things haven’t much changed. When a women writes about a sexual experience, it is oftened criticised. Even if the topics are handled delicately, they are still termed as over the top, vulgur or lustful. But I believe women can reflect emotions through paper as better than anyone else. They know emotions the best. Its they who bear a child & give birth to a child. Only the lack of encouragement & unfair moral obligations restrict them from expressing much about this topic which is often even referred to as taboo.

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  8. Better than a DIY kit for the fake moralists as it would certainly help them to shed their cloak of false morality and experience true passion for what its worth as true humans are expected by nature! Well conceived, well constructed and well delivered, and hence, well received by like-minded souls.

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