Dispirited Soul



Have you ever loved someone,

But knew they didn’t care?

Have you ever felt like crying?

But knew you would get nowhere.


Have you ever looked into their eyes,

And said a little prayer?

Have you ever looked into their heart,

And wished that you were there?


How do you walk away from someone

And take the direction of friends?

Can you really reroute the course you have taken

And start all over once again?


What good is love, that does not touch.

What good is love, that gives you only pain.

What good is love, that makes you run,

And lost out in the rain.


Copyright ©2015 AbhinavMajumder. All Rights Reserved.




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  1. Lovely poem. Please do not give up. My oldest son is 31 and is only now feeling true love and wanting to get married to the most wonderful woman! Just keep on developing yourself and making yourself a more confident person. You may find a shy lady who needs a stronger guy too. Ahh, the mystery of love!

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  2. There are so many kinds of love, so many understandings of love.

    The love of a lover. The love of a parent. The love of a friend. The love of man’s best friend. A thousand ways to name and describe love. So many ways to search for love. So many ways to find love.

    And, love changes / evolves / grows over time. Young romantic love. Family love. Mature experienced love. Every form that love takes has a power that gives being human purpose and meaning.

    So then, what is love? How does one name it? How do you know when you have it?

    Perhaps, love is a story that we write, that we create. We are a part of someone’s love story. Each moment, each decision we make, each action we take creates our love story and becomes our life. It is difficult to separate love and life. When we are in love we are in a story of love – yearning and hoping that the other is in with us – all in.

    Love is difficult to name. It is difficult to describe. But, the story of a love can be told – He held me so close. She kissed me so softly… And these stories are remembered in the mind and the body. They become emotions and feelings. Through the story love is remembered and felt.

    Love is life itself. It lives in each breath we take, each pulse of blood flowing through the veins. When we bleed, love flows. And, love can hurt. Stories of lost love and loneliness abound. And when we are in such a story, we hurt to the core, no matter the age or circumstance. It takes time for such stories to work through. There is no magic solution. We can only hope that we have the resiliency to live them and survive them. And, when that episode is ended we feel wounded but with the help of friends and family and knowing stories of survival exist, we can be wiser and stronger.

    Love as a life story. Life as a love story. No easy answers.

    © Skypilot123, Narrativeknowing.com

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  3. Beautiful poem. 🙂

    And yes, I have loved someone who didn’t feel the same for me.

    But eventually I realized that by clinging to this idea of being with her, I was only causing myself pain. Not only that, but as long as I was stuck on her, I couldn’t move on and allow someone else to come into my life, someone who would feel the same for me. So, in my thoughts, I wished her well, hoped for her to meet the most amazing guy she could possibly meet, and let go.

    Sometimes we have to let go of what we want in order to make room for something great that we don’t yet see.


  4. Ah, Love… Humans were created for it. We cannot escape it. We live for it. We go to war for it. We sacrifice our resources for it. We die for it. Yet we so often make a mess of it! It’s the ultimate paradox: We’re not good at the one thing we need most to be good at in this life… And the greatest source of joy in one’s life is often simultaneously the greatest source of his pain.

    Really good poem, man.

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  5. I was just thinking the other day that this is one of our greatest emotional tragedies: the most pain you can cause even though you normally don’t mean to, is just not feeling as strongly as another person, who is otherwise dear to you. The greatest pain you can feel is to feel horribly strongly for someone, and for them not to feel as you do. Simple, yet heart-wrenching, and there is nothing either party can do about it 😦

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  6. I really liked your take on unrequited love and starting over again. To add to your last prose..

    What good is love, that is not true
    What good is love, that doesn’t shake you
    What good is love, that doesn’t change you
    What good is love, if it has to end

    Loved your poem!! and Thanks for stopping on my blog too 🙂

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      • lovely poems, keep going, but a suggestion from my side, in my experience, pain and heart break can bring out our best ‘dark’ creativity, but in long run the darkness seeps into every word we write or conceive. I made a conscious decision, no matter how gratifying it would seem to pour out the anguish, I have instead started writing about hope and sunrise in life 🙂 our words have more power than we give credit to…our writing can heal us too!! Give a thought!! You have such a beautiful flow and stringing of words mellifluously.. 🙂

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      • I absolutely respect your opinion & suggestion. Its true the poems shouldn’t always have a darker side to it. I do write optimistic poetry too. You may check my other poem titled “I know true love’s worth”.


  7. I love this piece. Like, absolutely love it! If you are writing about yourself, I completely understand what you are going through. Sometimes, love can be one sided, and you just have to value yourself enough to realize you deserve more than pining for someone who will never love you back, no matter how amazing they are. Anyways, I wish you luck. Thank you for this beautiful poem!


    • Thank you very much for appreciating my poem. Well, though not totally, a portion of it is based from real life. And I am always an optimist & this poem on the contrary, has a darker side to love.


  8. Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m really liking your poetry. Have you heard of Prose? It is an app on iOS right now (and the website is http://www.theprose.com) which is a community of writers. There are writing challenges, which serve as creative writing prompts. In addition, there are different levels, depending on your progress. You start off as a reader, then earn your way to Scribbler, Scribe, Wordsmith…there’s more, but nobody has gotten there yet. You should definitely check it out, the support you get is pretty awesome.

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  9. I’m not sure if that’s love but rather wanting to be loved by someone else: needy, desperate, lonely (feminine).

    Love is more about giving. Believe in yourself first, and people who don’t believe in you don’t deserve you.

    Then, when you find someone who does believe in you, your love well be a gift. This is masculine love.


  10. Love and pain are not two things that should go hand in hand. Unfortunately, bravery and moving on sometimes have to go together, Best wishes, Dave

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  11. It’s really well written. I feel the pain. I’ve been through that course and it was a long process of detachment. But I did, when I acknowledged what I was learning because of that person and that they being in my life did not serve me anymore. That the learnings were complete and now I see them only with compassion. Awareness is an incredible thing. 🙂

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  12. You must have written this poem for me. This has been the journey of my love life; whether family, mate or friends. In my case, I’ve learned to continue to love, not expecting anything in return. As for a lover? I stopped fooling myself long time ago.
    Thank you for expressing my lifelong brokenness.


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